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Don't forget your teeth this holiday season.

Thanksgiving is coming soon. We wish you a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. For many people it’s a fun time to celebrate with food, shopping and more. The end of the year can get a little crazy thinking of others’ needs before your own. You deserve the best as well. Getting enough sleep, drinking water and eating a healthy diet can all help you stay healthy during this busy time of year.

This is also the time of year that dental insurance benefits usually end. If your insurance ends in December, you may have benefits remaining and want to take advantage now to use it for any treatment needs. You may also have flex benefits that need to be used. Many of our patients have chosen to do some of the cosmetic treatments that are not covered by insurance, such as, bleaching and composite resin veneers.

If you have been waiting to treat your dental needs because your schedule is too busy or just wanted to see what your needs would be near the end of the year, call us to get scheduled before all of the prime time is booked. We want to have the time to properly plan and complete your needs.

Some of you may not have dental benefits to worry about or the insurance benefits end in a different month. If you have a tooth or situation that is festering, please consider an early evaluation so you can enjoy the holidays at the end of the year without worrying about your tooth breaking or acting up.

We wish you the best as you celebrate with friends and family!

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