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It’s Dental Health Month!

February is a great time to get healthier teeth and gums. We just celebrated the New Year and many of you made resolutions to make self- improvements or motivate yourself to try something new. Is better dental health on your list of improvements?

Some of you are already in great shape! Congratulations and keep it up!

For anyone looking to make improvements, what areas do you need help? Challenge yourself to make a commitment for better dental health.

Here is a list of ideas to choose from:

Brushing twice a day – 2 to 4 minutes each time; Check to see if you have the proper brush angle to remove food, plaque and bacteria. Brushing is also important for massaging the gums. Be gentle, but thorough, as brushing too hard can damage teeth and gums.

Floss once a day – A “C-shaped” curve around the tooth removes food and plaque. Flossing also massages gums between teeth.

Rinse twice a day – Bacteria grows continually. Therapeutic rinses like Listerine and Crest Pro Health work for 8-12 hours.

Professional cleanings – You get your oil changed and hair cut by a professional. Do yourself a favor and have the dental professionals help you with the areas that your brush and floss can’t reach.

Check –ups/Exams – Know your dental health status. This is a time to identify, diagnose and discuss cavities (decay), tooth wear, fracturing teeth, bite concerns, jaw pain/noise, and many other topics. Together, we will create a plan that works for you.

Education – We are here to help you understand your mouth and dental options. Did you know that cavities can form around old fillings and crowns? Regular maintenance and check- ups will help to slow down this process and identify it at an early stage. Want to learn more? Ask us! has a lot of good information from the ADA as well.

Full Body Health – Bacteria in the mouth are related to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many other health concerns. A healthy mouth helps control the bacteria and lowers the risk of damage to other body systems.

Let’s celebrate Dental Health together!

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