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Dental Exams

What is an Exam?

A dental exam, or check-up, is  a service Dr. Bolterman performs to evaluate and diagnose any conditions in the mouth, head and neck.  Visual and X-ray technology, together, are necessary to verify both healthy and unhealthy areas.  Dental exams are recommended every 6 months at your hygiene appointment.

What can be diagnosed, or evaluated, in an Exam?

  • Cavities, fractures, weak areas, discolorations, position

  • Bite concerns

  • Proper eruption and shedding of primary teeth (baby teeth)

  • TMJ Disorders (joint disorders) and Muscle Disorders around the joint

  • Tissue quality: gums, roof of the mouth, cheeks, tongue and surrounding areas

  • Periodontal concerns including bone loss and inflammation

  • Pain and infection

  • Pathology: oral cancer screening

  • Headaches related to bite position or force

  • Screening for speech or tongue position problems

  • Signs of wear from clenching, grinding, acid erosion, excessive toothbrush force

  • Screen for orthodontics

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We are especially proud of the fact that our patients often tell us how comfortable they feel when they visit our office.  Whatever your dental needs, we look forward to showing you the difference that considerate care and attention to detail can make.  Please contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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