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What is whitening?

Whitening is a bleaching process that can lighten the color of the teeth and make them more vibrant.  Bleaching gel is placed on the front of the teeth and stays there for a specific amount of time to change the color just under the enamel surface.  There are 3 different options we use to bleach your teeth: bleaching strips, custom trays with bleach gel and an in-office procedure.

Why do I need to whiten?

Some people may want a more vibrant and confident smile for many reasons.

If you have noticed your teeth becoming dull, yellowed, discolored, or stained over time, you may be interested in our professional teeth whitening services.  Most people experience tooth discoloration to one degree or another over time.  Varying factors can contribute to tooth discoloration, including:

  • Consumption of certain foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, wine or soda.

  • Smoking and tobacco use

  • Trauma

  • Certain medications and illnesses

  • Natural aging process


To help reverse the effects of these, and other contributing factors, Dr. Bolterman is pleased to provide 3 different ways to bleach your teeth.  Each type has specific properties that will be valuable to each individual.

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