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Night guards and splints are often made to prevent tooth wear, protect the jaw joint or re-position the jaw for muscle protection.  After we determine what your needs are, we can recommend the correct appliance.

Athletic guards can be made in multiple colors to help show your school spirit!  Many kids need these once a year as their mouth and teeth change as they grow.

Sleep apnea appliances may be necessary as an alternative to a CPAP machine.  A medical sleep specialist must make a diagnosis before treatment options are discussed.  If a CPAP is not recommended or tolerated, we can discuss which type of appliance is right for you. 

Retainers help keep teeth in the right position. Teeth can shift years after orthodontic treatment and may need help to stay in place. 

While some extractions and root canals are are performed in our office, some cases will be referred to the specialty clinic.  Extractions may be referred to an Oral Surgery office and root canal treatments may be treated at an Endodontic office.  Our close professional, relationship with these specialists ensure caring and expedient care.

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We are especially proud of the fact that our patients often tell us how comfortable they feel when they visit our office.  Whatever your dental needs, we look forward to showing you the difference that considerate care and attention to detail can make.  Please contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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